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Oct 2020
I want to feel cool
I have a lot of fun
I might have a fat belly
But I still can love life
I don’t want to be like
The other mentally ill
Or intellectually disabled people
I just want to be a normie
I want to just sit there doing my art ya see
And lift myself up so easily
Even if I am big ya see
I want to have some energy
I want to be the kind of person
That doesn’t have problems
I watched the French family
On YouTube and Facebook
They are a singing family
Who loves life through their voices
It reminds me of my family
When I was young
Sonny reminds me of my brother Chris
And the parents remind me of my parents
And the young girl reminds me of myself in a way where she enjoys doing
Quarantine concerts
When I fall asleep on my sofa bed
I want to relax on the bed like a little girl
I remember my friend Patrick
He was a top friend but he just works
And goes to music concerts
I take cholesterol meds and vitamins
So why do I feel heavy
I want to feel young
I know I ain’t young anymore
But at the end of the day
I like the life I have
I don’t want to feel heavy
I get vibes that when I get my skin cancer
Removed I could die and wait till the
Messiah dies and then get reincarnated
As twins where we could do anything and feel fitter
I hate peoole who push negativity into my brain
I don’t want people pushing me down
Like I am a fat shy person
I try and be regular
I do I do I really really do
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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