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Jul 2013
“When I was young, you fascinated me.
You were always so beautiful
So perfect.
You had a wide smile,
and beautifully deep eyes.
You had a glowing warmth,
that my childhood body grew up surrounded in.
In your arms I felt safe and whole.
Your arms were my home.

When your arms began to get weaker and weaker,
I couldn’t understand.
Where was the life I once knew?
The life I loved so dearly?
The soul was still there,
But the life,
The life was slipping away.
Your arms were my home,
But you were letting in the rain.
The house was crumbling before our eyes,
And you couldn’t help it.

The last time I ever saw you again,
Was on a cool summers morning.
You were sat in a wheelchair,
And it wasn’t your home.
You smiled amidst a backdrop of wild greens, and pretty flowers.
I asked you to stay with me always,
And you promised you would.
Your arms were my home.
I’d be without shelter otherwise.

Well, God works in weird and wonderful ways,
And the day your soul departed from my world,
Was the day my heart crumbled,
Into a thousand tiny pieces.
I had convinced myself that you had broken your promise.

But my twenty year old self looks back,
With hindsight,
With knowledge,
With faith and with wisdom,
That a thirteen year old girl can never have.

You kept your promise.
You are always with me.
In a light summer rain,
In a bitter winters night,
Amidst the beautiful browns and golds of an Autumn day.

You are the beautiful warmth that fills my heart,
Every time it beats.

Your arms are always my home.”
Ciara Sarah
Written by
Ciara Sarah  London/Utrecht
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