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Oct 2020
I was well
When I had Foxtel in my flat at the back
Of my parents house
I did volunteer work and I went on bush walks with leap frog adventures
And I did performing arts
I was talking to people on the bus
I was well
I was happy and as soon as I started to power walk I started doing things wrong
I thought the police were going to look at me as being a great volunteering man
Who wanted to work in a good job
I could do it I just needed to relax at the end of the day and watch Foxtel
And I killed the cat and the police were looking down on me saying I did something wrong and I need to be punnished and I wanted people to understand I wasn’t a criminal
But that is what they treated me like
And I stayed there for 4 weeks and I got out
And I was saying weird things but I didn’t really want to be as sick as I was
And I got back into volunteer work and 3 years later I moved out but I had no Foxtel
So I had to watch shows on free to air
And I did and after that I got iiNet internet and it was like Foxtel and I enjoyed it but I had a negative friend even when I worked I tried to ignore him and started working 3 days a week and I was working at ainslie village and on construction sites and actew and I loved being a working man but I was running to and from work and doing art in front of the television and after a while I was throwing everything out of the balcony because I was hearing voices and the police put me in the paddy wagon and off to the psych ward where people treating me like I was an idiot and renald told them I like doing art which I did in there and some girl held a plastic fork to my arm and people said if I come to the psych ward I have to cope with the problems and everyone wasn’t very helpful with me
Never again but I could have those problems again if I don’t get help
I was well
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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