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Oct 2020
If I could change the negativity that comes out of my friend Daniels mouth I would
I would make sure he wouldn’t feel that people are doing things with his food
I would make the hospitals give him operations to make his eyes better
I would make some people keep their religious and political beliefs to themselves
I would make the television stop talking to him like bert newton waving at him and saying the hovel that you live in
I would make him feel the people aren’t laughing at him as he says something on the computer
I would make him not feel That something bad will happen when he does something artistic because art therapy is great
I would make him feel that the liberal party won’t play with the phones when we are talking
I would make him enjoy the lifestyle he likes to do
I would make him not believe it would be cool if everyone likes the same thing, we need everyone to be different
I would invent a happy pill to make him
Not have all this
So he won’t feel like swimming in batehaven to the deep water so he will drown
I want to help him make him positive
But it is hard
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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