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Oct 2020
I want o work
But people are trying to
Treat me like easy meat
Like one fucken **** tried
To get my bank details
And I stupidly gave them to him
Because he said he was from
ACTEW but I know now
And I will never make that
Mistake again
I should say that I might find it
Hard in a job because people
Will think I am easy meat
A target to tease
Once I gave a 14 year boy
A packet of smokes
And the owner of the shops
Was tearing strips off me
And the boy
Well he was just having fun
Teasing me
Like these stupid scammers on
Phone they here having fun
Teasing me too
Everyone is teasing me
Everyone is making my life
I never get phone calls from
Friends just scammers
Never give your bank details
To scammers
They won’t get my money
Cause my account is frozen
Till I get a letter
But I heard so many people get caught up
Next time I say
I am mr gobbly goop
And I am the mayor
Of your fantasy planet you live in
Thru will never beat me
And tomorrow I wanna get up
To watch the marlins play
At 5am
Please leave me alone teasers
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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