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Oct 2020
I got lost, confused, forgotten my Left from my right
I’ve seen her before, or It, in my Dreams, a Light
So warm, reassuring, this Light held me more than tight
Ultimately, I awoke, darkness, I lost that sight

They say, true Love waits
At times it’s difficult, a world fueled by Hate
But I know, deep down, it’s never too late
I’ll find it, that light, my soulmate

Let me tell you, I found, that light is a true beauty
Made for each other, I know, truly
I’ll do my best, I will, Her happiness is my duty
She’s just what I want, I crave, my she’s such a cutie

Even in true Love nothing goes as planned
We must fight for our Love for there are many demands
At times it may be shaky, unstable, knowing not where we’ll land
But we’ll get through it together, we’ll learn Love together, firsthand

No need to rush, we have our whole lives together
Together we’ll experience it, no matter the weather
We’ll fly together, our Love as light as a feather
Our connection deeper than blood, our Love will never tether

Worry not my Love, no need to feel insecure
I’ll mend your heart through sheer Will
Stay by my side, you’ll see there is nothing to fear
I’ll adore you for always and always, Dear.

I’ll fight for you, even if you don’t want me
I’ll guide you, even when you can’t see
I’ll care for you, even when you don’t agree
I’ll wait for you, even if you leave
I’ll pick you up, even when you’re clumsy
I’ll be your foundation, your stone, your tree
Can you see now? You and I are meant to be...
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