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Jun 2013
Disappointment is the worst form of suffering
                          Its the threat for destruction in your everything

To have something to love be crushed
Is the type of pain that cannot be hushed
To hope for something and have your hopes dashed
Is to love and have your heart slashed
                 To work yourself to the bone for nothing at all
                           Is to climb the mountain just to fall
                        To smile and have your teeth break
                            Is to fall victim to any mistake
To try and fail by your own fault
                            Is to open a wound and rub in salt

I am used to disappointment
It happens to me so much
Crying over things gone and went
Has become my emotional crutch
                                                     Here I go again...
                                                         that this time,
                                                              I’ll win
                                 Here I go,
                                Betting all my chips
                            Crossing my fingers
                             And biting my lips
                                        No turning back, it's all or nothing now

                                I want it to work,
                                        Here I go, jumping off a bridge with you
                               Please, do me a favor and don't disappoint me too.
Rachel Sullivan
Written by
Rachel Sullivan  Washington
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