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Cera Wood Dec 2012
I came so dark
carrying misery on my back
My heart shattered
My soul black

I looked for meaning
and had no response
The life i was leading
for me was to long

Then one day
came a bright light
Telling me there was no need
for me to fight

I came to you
and you to I
You make me feel
No need to die

I've had a grudge, for many years
and i cried so many unworthy tears

You make me feel, the purpose of life
and ended my grief, as well as my strife.
Cera Wood Dec 2012
I'm taking
You're giving
You're my solitude
For living

You are my peace
When i'm at war
You're my love
The one I adore

You're the color
In my face
You're the blood
That runs through my veins

I never thought
I'd be blessed
But only the good
Get the best.

— The End —