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Sep 2020
I like going out to have a good time
But I would like to actually have
A good time doing wholesome
Family stuff
I don’t want to and I quote
Be bored and lonely
Because the people who say that
Are phedophiles
And if they don’t have a family
Of their own they will groom
Kids online
Which I find are bad
A lot of people get mixed
Up doing bad things when they are
Young but I am starting to find
That a good wholesome family
Can be the cure of that
I hate the atmosphere of the
Psych ward
I hate gaol even more
And I hated my life as a child
Because a lot of times I nearly
Got myself kidnapped
Like I was locked in a room
Just for being a nice wholesome
Family kid
I did something wrong
And I paid my price
But I am not that same person anymore
I am too old to start a family
But I am too smart to
Groom kids online
I don’t talk to people
In the vlogs I watch them like tv
I used to party in nightclubs
Cause I loved the feel
But I was drifting away from family
And that wasn’t really any good
I want to be happy
I want to love my life
I don’t want to work at night
I am better working in the day
I used to meet up with bad people
When I did things at night
And in the psych ward
The doctors said
If I come here I have to cope
With the traumas of being in a place like that
I chose to follow Buddhism
Because I choose to believe
In coming back
Nobody can tell me to believe in other things
If it takes me away from coming back
I don’t want to do stupid things
Despite my love for partying
But that can lead me down
The garden path
Mate it really can
But I choose family events
Not because I like to perv or anything
I just find them entertaining
I watch the voice with my mum
And I play Yahtzee with mum and her friend
I have a love of teddy bears
Yes I am very much a nut
I live my life to fullest
I love Christmas carols
I go to as many as I want
Not to perv on the young
Just to sing the carols
It is a cool night out
This coronavirus has stopped
All the fun people can do
But I can still watch the sport on kayo
Footy baseball cricket etc
I am cool
Find a vaccine to bring my fun back to me and stop me from being as I quote bored and lonely
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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