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Sep 8
If you can imagine
Ink in the oceans
Howling storms
Scouring winds raging
Unstoppable tsunamis
Uncaring plagues
Forests of untamed flames
Spewing ash enveloping
Fuel for chemical skies
Acid water drops falling
Stripping the plains
Seeping and brewing
All the way through
Imagine now nothing
The remains dissolve
Only dust and clay
Barren and beaten
Vistas in cracked forgotten
Fragments of once great
Lay to fates of nothing
Familiar places hollow
All gone to hellish endings
Feel the emptiness
The taste of sadness
Loneliness that aches

Maybe then you might understand
This is how it is inside

how I feel
each and every day

See how nothing

My end of days
Are endless.
Jack R Fehlmann
Written by
Jack R Fehlmann  41/M/Colorado
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