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Jun 2013
moving threw the night
moving threw the night
moving threw the night
headlights passing
headlights passing
Button up your shirt
roll down your sleaves
and follow the theives as they steal this night away.
Moving threw the night
moving threw the night
tomorrows already gone
and todays already done
and the future is one more dissapointment
and the present is one more appointment
schedule your life and you'll live in a constant rush
let your life unfold infront of you
and steal these moments away.
Like a thief in the night I'll steal your memories away
like alzhiemers you will forget my face
whos to say that you wont die today
whos to say that your not dead already
and I'm holding unto this utter fear that death is right around the corner
and It just takes one wrong move
into uncomming traffic.
Jay Jimenez
Written by
Jay Jimenez  31/M/Faribualt Minnesota
(31/M/Faribualt Minnesota)   
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