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Sep 2020
Wasting My Time With You
By: Moesha Subria Ricketts

If I knew I would be so miserable I would stay,
Stay away from you.
As I first laid my eyes on you,
you have nothing not even a pair of shoes.
You speak about promises and I fall for them
But as they say promises are comfort to a fool.
So, I am the fool.

You say you would help me in achieving,
But, that a lie.
You speak it in your life that you’ve been there for many
But what about one.

So, I wonder were you wasting my time,
For my brain is young and fresh.
Father used to say I am naΓ―ve in loving a no-good like you
I try to prove him wrong but he was always right

My future is doomed with you I could see there is no love for me
My pass should be about you, that am hoping to forget
My present is you, that is wasting my time.
You are wasting my time.

I wish I could just pack my things and leave you by dawn
But I have nowhere to go I am trapped in a box
You offer nothing but misery.
For you are wasting my time.

If I knew I was going to run back to you
I wouldn’t have been with you
If I knew I was going to be miserable
I wouldn’t be so vulnerable.

All I can cry about is that you have wasted my time
You have wasted my time
You are wasting my time
You are always wasting my time

Written by
Moesha Subria Ricketts  19/F/Jamaica
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