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Aug 2020
Constrained to vices that bind us to time
We learn to let go and unwind
Detachment from filth
Freedom of mind
Exposing our souls as we go towards the divine
Calmly we seek
I Steadily we rise
All for the moment of truth in our lives

Burning star in the midnight sky, do you see the way that angels cry, as the light you shine illuminates my eyes
It's burns away the lies
I realize I'm fine
Angel nor demon I'm only man, cursed with free will and a slave to God's plan, buried my sins in the past so they rust, carving my future of glory from dust, tearing away all that I've ever been, watching self hate blow away on the wind,
Seeing that endings are where we begin
Knowing the peace I seeks buried within

Constrained to devices that corrupt our minds
We live to control
Pretend we're divine
Attached to the filth
The mask says we're kind
Pity the blind as they walk towards demise
Calmly they speak
Believe their own lies
All till the moment that Karma arrives

Fall from grace how the angels died, as they realize how the good men lie, as I cross the t's and dot my i's on the contract for my eternal life, and the price was paid on the darkest night, where the demons won and tore away my light,
Will I just be fine
Will I just be fine
Will I just be fine
Over and over I drag myself to the valley where I once met death, with a new respect, on what balance meant.
Written by
Avestani  23/M/Alfheim
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