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Aug 2020
The allans and the karlsons
Where very very close
The adults used to gather round
Playing Yahtzee while the kids played
In the rooms
I wasn’t into the games they played
So I just sat in their lounge room
Watching tv
There wasn’t much on till
Really late at night when they put the winners on
I wanted to watch it to see how each team played
But it only lasted for an hour mate
But still it was fun
The kids wanted me to play ****** in the dark but I don’t like that game
You know I hated darkness
I prefer the light
But I used to joke around with my dad
And I used to tease mr Karlson because he went for st kilda
Even though he was big on Swedish
Table tennis yeah cool man yeah mate yeah
We went to Melbourne
To watch the cricket and walk around Carltons home ground back then
I made a few jokes to make these families laugh
I remember they hung around the tv
On the night of the 1983 election
When Hawke beat fraser
That was the best day in the world
When labor took over the leadership
I know I was a tv fernatic
But I joked around with the kids
Just didn’t muck around running around outside the hotel room
Didn’t wanna get in trouble
I joked around making the kids laugh yes it was fun
But now we don’t see the karlsons
They moved to Adelaide
And our family acted as if they never wanted any of that even if they just wanted to move on
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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