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Aug 2020
I was raised to avoid drugs
But I cannot get enough of you
Your scent so potent
Wrapping around my entire being
An addiction so freeing
Destroy my mind, my prudence
Your slave, please, erase what I knew
Along with what I’ve dug

Promises are an illusion, just don’t fall for it
But your intoxication is the only truth
A vaccination for the moot
The solution to my pain
Because we are the same
Inject you straight to my root
Your love won’t leave me alone, sleuth
Please give me my fix, even if it just a bit

Please, let me forget
Every day living in regret
My soul is on His last reset
It’s clear you have our future set
Right from the moment we met
Unfortunately, you decided to leave
Collapsing my Everything onto me
But that’s okay, you weren’t there to see
Death only asked for a small fee
Heart torn apart seam by seam
It’s not your fault, my Dear
Never mind that is was my biggest fear
You’re near, nevertheless, not here
I wonder if you even shed a tear.
Utterly hopeless, desperately hopeful,
Consequently, not me in the mirror.
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