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Aug 2020
We’ve expired
I’m leaving now,
emotions are tired
I cleaned your room while you were gone
I don't linger here for too long
I never expected you to see,
all the wrong that you do to me
but I waited with time,
Only wanting what can't ever be mine
Hey now, just come along
I love you, wake up,
before I’m gone
Can I crawl all over you again?
So you can try to play pretend,
like this isn’t just a means to an end
Then you can love me once again
And I’m here asking myself why the hell you put me on a shelf
Act you don’t give a f*
all so you can cut me up,
one more time
I guess that’s the only way to keep it off your mind
Oh so heart-wrenching, how can you even draw breath inside?
Could you tell the truth and still survive?
Do you not think that I can see, all the lies that you’ve told me?
But go on, you can always love me again
And I’ll still be here asking why you need to pretend,
And turn yourself into stone
All you are is flesh and bone
Come on and cut me up one more time, you always said I’d be just fine
It really must be very tough
to know that you were never good enough
Just pretend like you never started this
Can you even call that a parting gift?
No applause before this end
Changed your mind,
Hand in mine...
same old smile
So come on and cut me up one last time
Tell yourself you know I’m fine…
I guess it really must be rough
To not ever give a single f
Written by
Stíofáinín  30/F/Ireland
     Fawn and Sushant
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