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Jul 2020
I inhale the Pain
Knowing what’s to come
The past, the present, one.
It’s going to hurt, I know
But I have to grow
Otherwise I’ll go insane.

This strain of Pain is inhumane
The smoke drops my body numb
The smoke, the body, one.
You can’t see a Heart glow
When sunken so low,
Flushed down the drain.

The Pain keeps you to entertain
A reminder of how you lost the One
The Pain, the Mind, one.
And would you ever Love again as so?
Or would it be safer not to know?
The reality, preordained to remain in my brain till every last ounce of my membrane for all of days, restrained.
What do you take from this poem? For me, the truth/reality is hard to face, but not impossible. Is your pain similar?
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