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Jun 2013
its a funny feeling;                            
or lack thereof
                                  when you finally realize

[queue dramatic music]

                                                          you don't care
                                                         you don't give a ****
                                                        nor does anyone else

[queue lights]

and yet,                                          
you feel as though                                  
you maybe should            

[queue curtain open]

so you act.                                                                                  
                                     you pretend to be someone
who you know isn't real

[queue 1st actor]

                                                           a fake person.
in a pretend body                      
                    being who they aren't

[queue 2nd, 3rd, 4th actor/actress]

only because,                                              
the pressures get to you                              
with everyone else pretending too            

[queue light dimming]

                                                                   you change,
feel like its normal                              
to hide who you really are                              

[queue actors/actresses leave]

                                                                        someone who:
                                                                                                    really doesn't care
                                          truthfully doesn't give a ****

*[queue curtain close]
maybella snow
Written by
maybella snow  where i don't want to be
(where i don't want to be)   
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