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Jul 14
Rested petals on the pondering pond, rippling many waves anew,
As the sun peels back the color of the pond, and the heat did a dance,
Within the pond, a new restoration calms the mind of mother nature.

Sending wind into the world, a breath of air branching all around, the flowers mingle and send away their children, time blesses the world with the golden hour.

In charge of the towering army of many, the stallion leads the family of lions. Zebras, elephants, they all came with fury, towards the platinum steed, the amplifier of the sun.

Human kind, constructs of complexity, an alien race formed of the gaping surplex within the eye of the universe, aligned along the seven suns and eleven moons, forming a path into the embodiment of sin, rejection of the Almigonium, Omni Imperium.

Path paved on the poor pervasion of pleasure, and now we exist, many horrors and miracles. Soon, solidified in the many signs of Almigo omni, inscribed in the all truth, the end
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
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