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Jun 2013
She's an emigre,

From the Old Country
Her side of the bed,
To a new continent,
My rising and falling chest.

With every breath,,
An oath of allegiance pledged.

This continent,
On the Planet Bed,
In the Galaxy, Our Apartment,
A speck, a neutron,
In the Universe of My Mind

Her action, precipitates a chain reaction,
And the atoms rearranged, present themselves
As first poem of the day.

Tho time doesn't exist in this space,
Einstein's theorems irrelevant, passé,
Nonetheless, a passing-by comet,
To its tail, an airplane banner affixed,
for the beach blatherers,
To read:

Son, you're late for work,
Time for you too,
To emigrate.

In a taxi
7:12 AM
Nat Lipstadt
Written by
Nat Lipstadt  M/nyc
   Sally A Bayan, Kiah Tomatz, FYI and bex
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