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Jun 2020
I'm missing all the lively surprises
Bright places
You never come running to find
When I'm not caught looking
At the aftermath left from behind
The passing time would simply fly
When I'm lying listless in bed
Instead of being trapped there for hours
While wrapped inside of my head

I am holding on unsteady
To your already gone
That song played on repeat
The same one that saved me
"There must be something in the water"
Before tears descend my cheek
I don't want you to hear
A sudden drawn in breath
Breaking my thin veneer

I fear something coveted escaped
From my parted quivering lips
Like a whisper too soft
Lost from grasping fingertips
It hits only once
Then gets tossed in the mix
Because I'm guilty
Of letting myself reminisce

My two cents is my refrain
Because I let in bliss
And found you yet again
Persisting we weren't meant
But only for the big empty

Turns out I'm not who you're looking for
On top of the ledge
I'm the lemon wedge
Twisted and dripping
Into your open wounds

The truth is I don't live
Within these precious
Ephemeral moments
I only bear witness
To what I've missed
The instant dismissed

And I'm so lonely.
I was looking forward
To finally come home to you
Because I'm tired of roaming
The world is a cold place
When nobody knows me

I thought if only...
You wanted to know me too

You'd be my only exception, my paramore
And I already know that's not the story
You spelled it out with ink from your heart
And your own closed door...
Anyways, I'm sorry to implore

And for finding all of your bright places
I thought I'd be the luminous candle
To dispel your concealed dark
Instead of revealing empty spaces
"Feels like we're on the edge right now. I wish that I could say I'm proud. I'm sorry that I let you down." The highlighted quote is borrowed from Lewis Capaldi.

Written 06/28/2020
THE Apache Tomcat
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THE Apache Tomcat  A clothing store
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