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Jun 2013
Tell me of a time
When like a bluebird I sang
Lilting elegance and innocence
For I can't recall
What it was like
To fly free
Whipping winds caress
Blue feathers.

Blue feathers
Rough hands
Cold hearts

Blue was stained black so long ago
No trace of cyan
No aquamarine
No cerulean hue

Indian ink ****** upon wings
Soaking like tar puddles
Sticking feet to floor,
Turning such body into
Toxic/cancer cage
The vulture stands just outside
Pecking at bluebirds heart
Such devil would feel of stone
Killing a mockingbird~
A mortal moral sin.

Fresh dawn and rain washes black feathers
Slowly, but surely nonetheless
Maybe one day
Blue will blend on blue again
Wafting fragrant flowers bloom
And vulture starve on happiness
Written by
brea  Somewhere
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