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Jun 2
Question, Butterfly;
How does it feel to be seen as better,
Because you are the prettier family member,
I'm pretty,
Because you're delicate,
I'm delicate,
Because you're a symbol,
I have meaning,
Tell me, how do you feel,
Looking down on me...

I will not be used as a symbol of the misunderstood,
Treated like a monster because I am from the hood,
When I, too, had a dream that the world changed,
Where the street was safe for everyone because we were together,
No one was hungry, because the food didn't go to waste,
And there was less stress because we slowed down our pace,
I dreamed of a world were we progress,
Hatred is called out, challenged, defeated, history wasn't repeated,
The future wasn't a dream, but the present,
Thankful for the day we have, the day we will have.
No longer feeling entitled to anything, but humble and grateful,
I accept the world for what it is, but it must progress,
For if it is to be a world I desire to live in, it must change,
It will change,
I will see to it that it does, so long as I live on it.
And my change is for progression.
We will move forward,
We will live,
In the name of love,
In the light of peace,
I am determined.
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
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