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May 2020
I live of illusions
There is no difference between day and night
In the heavens that I create, I always find you.
My reality is diffuse
There is nothing (really).

I am a coward and I am weak
I am fragments of what you left.
With you, hell is also heaven
When I lose you, I lose myself
and then I find me in your memories.

I live in heavens where I find you
You are my religion.
"My sweet addiction" while I dance naked
While I pierce my veins and fill them with the hope of seeing you again.

I live in illusions
Always lose you in the process
For in all my heavens I find you.
How I wish for you to come,
to rebuild me,
to take me out of this ****** inferno without you.
Very old piece, that now gets to see the light of day. Based on my observations.
Written by
Kapu  18/Las Nubes.
(18/Las Nubes.)   
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