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Apr 29
Watch it haste and watch it fly,
Why try espy it flashing by?
Now you see it, now you don't,
Then you heard it ~ now you won't.

First it's here and hence it's gone,
It's much the same for everyone.
Like a cloud high in the air...
Glance once more and it's not there.

Like a bubble drifting past,
Though you know it cannot last.
A tranquil breeze, the bubble stops ~
Attempt to touch! the bubble pops.

Where it stems from no one knows;
No one sees to where it goes.
You know it's there but you can't find...
As not a trace it leaves behind.

Man can't beat this mighty force,
To try and try he'll fail, of course;
He'll never grasp the where's and why's
Quam tempus fugit ~ how time flies.

Written by
Alan S Jeeves  M/Yorkshire, England
(M/Yorkshire, England)   
   BR Dragos
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