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Apr 28
I'm sorry.

You'd like to be evil...

You want to hurt people.

You think it's fun.

Evil people get to have all the fun...?

You want power.

You want control.

...You're broken. A record that can be read as clear as day.
You don't know true evil.
If you'd like an example, all you'd have to do is ask.

You're afraid to be simple...
But you're nothing but simple.
And that's ok.

Stop trying so hard to be alien for ***** sake.
You're destroying yourself...and that will only hurt you and those you love.

You need to be dismantled, so that you can be built back up...and stronger.

Your foundation is built on resentment. Destruction.
You call the darkness your friend. But the darkness wants to eat you, and digest you. You're afraid of the light.

What would we see if it was shining on you?
Simple, a broken art piece.

But that's ok. That's enough. You are good enough as that. We all are broken art pieces. And we all are unique, but ironically not any better than anyone else

So accept yourself. I'm right here with you. Always have been, even if you can't see me. And I will be there with you, to build you up. You deserve a friend who will be there for the better you. We all do, when we're ready to accept them.

Now wake up, pat your knees, do a stretch. Let's do this adventure, but together.

I need a friend, and I believe you're more than enough.
To the ashen boy.
From a little insignificant peppered snow moth.
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
   BR Dragos
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