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May 2013
Do you see her?
The girl across the room
with forlorn eyes
and chipped nail polish.
She probably worked
really ******* her nails
but she's nervous
and standing alone
with no one to talk to
and nothing
to occupy her mind.

"I should talk to her," thinks a boy
watching from across the room
"I can't talk to her"

"She's too beautiful
and I do not have the courage
and maybe she wants
to be left alone anyway"

Little does he know,
she wants him to talk to her
because although she would never admit it
she does not do well
on her own
and loneliness
is making a permanent home
in her heart.
Just now posting some stuff I wrote a while ago
Written by
Jill Stinehart
   DieingEmbers and Misbah A
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