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Mar 28
You must gaze into 

your pool of fears 

and dive.

If you fall into a well 

of corpses, blood, and bones

sew your carcasses together,

and climb the rotting ladder.

If you fall into a tiny box

with no light and no air

close your eyes and do not breathe

let your soul melt out peacefully.

If you fall into an ocean

and find sharks and no way up

make sure you feed the sharks your limbs

then command them to swim. 

If you're lucky, they will carry you to shore.

If you fall into a pit

of high mountains and clouds

jump off the cliff and reach towards the sky

put your head back and say your goodbyes.

If you fall into a room

with no one but yourself and the silence

scream at the top of your lungs

until someone cuts off your tongue.

If you fall into your own home

and see the one you love most

**** them before someone else does.

Hopefully by then end,

you'll swim out as more than a ghost. 

And you'll know what you need

to do to make the most.
No one
Written by
No one  17/Between my words
(17/Between my words)   
   Child of Saturn and ---
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