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May 2013
Alabaster Affair

her skin was like a pure driven snow
laid behind the deepest blue eyes  
and the brightest ruby red lips

you could not look at her and not
want to kiss those soft velvet lips
want to stare into those eyes
want to touch that skin

feel her run her long fingernail
up the spine of your back
to the back of your neck and chest
the nerve endings all over your body
exploding messages of pleasure

the chance meeting in the park
in an early spring warming sun
flowers beginning to burst with life
trees reaching up with their new leaves

you could not take your eyes off
sitting on the edge of the fountain
spewing a water spray from an angels mouth

two angels together in one slice of time
you waited as long as you could
it was time to return to work from lunch
and you had already run 10 minutes over

you walked past her dreading leaving
she looked up with those big blue eyes
and those ruby red lips began to move
you transfixed not realizing she was speaking

you stopped abruptly trying to clear your mind
but still no sound could be heard
only her big rimmed straw hat of white
the the bluest blue eyes
and reddest red lips
and her white alabaster skin

luckily she recognized the symptoms
and smiling put her hand on your arm
and waited patiently for the blood
to return to your brain

oddly she spoke with an island accent
how could this creature come from the islands
the sun and sand and alabaster
she was a princess mandated to sanctuary
on a holiday with her father
who was on business stop here in Atlanta

she knew no one here and the park
was just across the street from her sky suite
for some reason she felt okay speaking with me

now I was 30 minutes late as I took
a quick peek at my watch
you must go she asked?
Yes but can I show you the city later
Yes she smiled to me
I think I would like that

after getting her room number
I triple skipped, jumped and hopped
back to my office my head still abuzz
I stared into dreamland for the next 4 hours

you gonna stay over my boss yelled to me
I shook my head *** it was 5:05
he yelled you gotta date Rob
yes an affair to attend to I said
an alabaster affair
Gomer LePoet ....
the the bluest blue eyes
and reddest red lips
and her white alabaster skin
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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