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May 2013
Time for sha-sha-shampoo the bath*

When you wash your hair
in the bath
And you lather up suds
froth that foam

BIG bubbles
such big big big.

Ooh, slinky stuff
I'm the shampoo in your hair.

I'll slide across your tresses
And slip between fingers
Caress your scalp
And press in deep.

While I'm there, I'll take a peep inside
And dip into that well-indexed well
Page through tomes of unseen stuff
See how gray pals duel along
Friendly fights.

Can you feel how I run down
The side of your face
Onto your shoulders now...

Later, when you're all warm and dressed
You can relax and read poems in bed
revel in more

But now, there's more in store...
elsewhere to visit....

Just lovin' that shampoo.

Gotta love that shampoo
Just gotta love that sha-sha-shampoo!

S T, 16 May 2013
Yes, can't wait to make next date with Shampoo!


Nothing like a shampoo in the bath when you feel a tad rundown.
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st64  flaming arrow
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