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Daniel K Aug 2018
I turned to a god to love me
   With love I don't deserve
There is a hole within me
I don't believe they heard

Self-loathing is a wicked thing
   It can sneak upon us
There is a hole within me
Please no one make a fuss

There is a voice inside our head
   Which can warp our reality
We must learn to fill the hole within us
With compassion, kindness and affinity
Daniel K Aug 2018
Mistakes make not up who you are
They create great catalyst for change
Regret brings wisdom from afar

Turmoil can be your guiding star
And force your mind to rearrange
Mistakes make not up who you are

Immerse yourself feather and tar
Pick life lessons from in your pain
Regret brings wisdom from afar

Bottled shame stuffed in a jar
Can drive a good person insane
Mistakes make not up who you are

Just begin again, your mind restart
In time you'll wash away the stain
Regret brings wisdom from afar

Within us beats a loving heart
Self-hatred from we must refrain
Mistakes make not up who you are
Regret brings wisdom from afar
Daniel K Jul 2018
One regret consumes my life
A mindless jolt, a back stained knife

It is my fault for climbing the web
Then getting tangled in her head

Returning then again for more
When I believed I'd closed the door

Big picture morals must guide your behaviour
Have self respect, be your own saviour
Daniel K Jul 2018
Funny and fierce, her words cut to the bone
Her smile sits just beautifully, naturally there
When I dream, I dream of us sharing a home
An atheist longing, whispering a prayer
It's been years since I've felt what I feel for her
I think about her all the time
The bullet has hit soon as it's left the chamber
Every emotion's a song and I'm singing in ryhme
I'm so relieved to be able to feel once again
I honestly feared that it had all gone
Exhausted in youth on alcohol and women
But thankfully though it appears I was wrong
  For now when I lie and I think through the night
  My thoughts are an orchestra of Aisling in white
Daniel K Jan 2018
I've been wandering London
I am walking asleep
There are tears on my eyelids
My life's in a heap
I can't breathe when I see you
You just make my lungs burst
I freeze up when you whisper
My body is cursed
Won't you tell me you love me
Even just for a day
You shall have me forever
In my mind anyway
There's a light on in Douglas
and it's guiding my way
I am ****** in the pantry
with too much to say
Daniel K Jan 2018
As I've made my wretched bed,
I should surely sleep within it.
Yet not let false ego go to my head,
Or chew the fallacy to the bit.
All I've found within the fold,
Is a wicked width of cold.

As I burn the candle at both ends,
I walk a harried tightrope.
Soon it will split in many bends,
The route I choose with hope
Will lead me to the promised land,
The correct companion hand in hand.
Daniel K Jan 2018
New year is here and I re-evaluate
Like I will actually change something this time
The words are there but I can't make them rhyme
The lady has left and I am too late

I still haven't found what I'm looking for
I feel emptier by the day
The totem is spinning in play
But soon it will drop to the floor

My generation is overburdened with expectation
We always expect something better than before
We expect something more
We need to learn to live with specks of blood left in the basin
Lines in the last verse inspired by The National
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