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Jan 2020
i broke up with you weeks before Christmas
but after a few days, i asked you to take me back
and you said you still want me
we’ve talked about gifts and you told me
that i am the gift and you’ll unwrap me
so i gave myself again, we made love on Christmas eve

we’ve talked about plans for 2020
fireworks and foods and parties
beer and noise and family
we kissed on New Year’s eve
wishing each other a good year

but you’ve broken up with me three days after
and i was mad and sad and hurt
so i told you to delete our photos
the messages and everything left to erase
i asked you not to message me until i’m okay
and i unfollowed you in social media

but after two ******* days
i felt guilty for totally shutting you up
and so i was the first one to reach out
told you that we can be friends again
that i acted immature and i was sorry
and so we are casual again

but it’s so hard not to call you baby
sometimes i slipped
sometimes you say you missed me
and want to flirt again
sometimes we can’t hold back
and so we sinned again

you say i am beautiful like a queen
that you regretted breaking up with me
you said you’ll never take me for granted again
this time you will be honest
and so we fell into our old habits again
you are mine and i am yours

and now we are talking about Valentines
and poems and roses and dates
flirting, kissing, moaning
we are talking about it
as if we’re never gonna break again
should i start posting here again?
missed you HP!
Written by
Isabelle  25/F/Philippines
   Weeping willow
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