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Jan 2020
Do You like school?
Someone asked
I had to think
Before replying
I do
Because school isn't just walls and chairs,
Because school is our second home,
Because school is the reason you know lots of people.
    Maybe it's hard
    Maybe it's depressing
    A lot of reasons can make me
    hate it
But no
School is something we can't skip
And I'm glad it's obligatory,
School is more than only learning
I know learning is important.
But besides
School teaches us about the world
It's like a free trial of the real world
We meet people of all types
We're forced to choose the right ones
Or at least who we think they are.
School helps us,
And teaches us,
How to fit into the society's cookie mold
School isn't paradise
Some of us
Cry theirselves to sleep
    Social anxiety
Don't we know about these things?
We do
But we only care about ourselves
Because we're selfish
And if we're not the bullied
                      The social anxious
         We do not care.

Thank you
Thank you my school
Thank you for teaching me
That the perfect life does not exist
That there's no perfect people
That even your friends may turn their backs to you
School is a world
Not mathematics
Not English
Not French
Not history
Not Arabic
Not science
Nor physical education
School is social education.
And this is why I love school
Not just like it,
But love it !
Does that answer your question?
I know it's too long but...
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