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Jan 12
Hey! you plastics
look around you and see the bars holding you in
you are all imprisoned, in your different cells serving time
your ignorance imprison you leaving you vacant and vacuous
your lack of confidence jails you in envy and cloying jealousy
your insecurities and lack of self-assurance has locked you in
your immaturity and narrow-mindedness jails you in stupidity alley
you mediocrity and insignificance jails you in a life less ordinary
your immorality and lack of humanity jails you in rage and pains
your weakness and cowardice jails you in talent-less emptiness
In jail you have to quickly join a gang
to find protection because if you don't you get picked on
by the other sub-humans and animals like you
I see you all for all you are for its so apparent
a bunch of pathetic miscreants and reprobates
talent-less imbeciles and mentally undeveloped *****
looking for somebody to pick on
to make your jail-time more bearable
to vent on and project your miseries onto
You have my commiseration jail-birds
you have my sympathy
but I ain't useless and sick
like you locked up in anguish
surrounded by fear in prison codes
ruled by your controllers and Dons
I am enlightened and free
You are dumb prisoners
and in chains and brain-cuffs
made by you for you
your minds locked up
and the keys thrown
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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