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Jan 6
At least you are already checked
by your ignorance and damaged personality
Never to be no more than a simpleton in revolt
riling against imagined elitist frothing your inadequacies
at every twist and turn of your cattle herded lives in nanny state

So you're tall - wow, bravo for free state milk
So you're not black - wow, bravo for happenstance
So you have friends - wow, bravo for belonging in a gang
( too weak to be strong and positive and say I ain't gonna be a bully )
So you have lover - here today gone tomorrow, you just use eachother

See what you are, nothing but sheep
fed, herded and bedded and held in groupthink
your minds erased and fed poison turned into haters
if you matter, they won't use you as mere pawns to man the lines
they will train you to walk with kings and reach high to make high
**** I don't have time for: 1. Your ****. 2. Crazy ****. 3. *******. 4. Stupid ****. 5. Fake ****. 6. **** that has nothing to do with me.
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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