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Jan 2020
As my heart starts beating like crazy
As my pen starts running on the paper
My words starting to form
For the first time in forever
A dream as true as ever
Verse after verse
And a poem started to form
And I had to hide it from the world
Then poem after poem
And a notebook is fillen
I felt like someone needs to read them
'Cause I can't let it in for long,
And a friend liked 'em
And then lots of people knew I could write
I just needed some motivation
To write more and more
And somewhere to share my poems
And someone appeared
As if to lead the way
And now
I have no fear
And my notebook is no longer behind the bookshelf
It's on my desk
So everyone can read
I'm not the best writer
Neither the best poet
But I'm trying
Doing my best
Writing wasn't my thing
I'm happy it is now

Huge thanks to my favourite poet.. the one who made me believe in myself and introduced me hello poetry. (I hope you're reading)
Written by
   N, TheRaven and ---
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