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Jan 1
You cannot have the best
because you all know nothing compares
You know you do not possess qualities required
so like the fox and sour grapes you cast aspersions
Singing of the greatest love with Mr and Mrs Make-do
whilst both of you know its all just a matter of convenience
Just to be seen to have and be like all those other settlers around
make out like your lives are brilliant and you are living the dream
When in actual fact you hate your self and your sad poxy existence
You talk of friends, your great social lives partying and having fun
deep down you know the're all fake and you all just use each other
You are weak, insecure, fearful and under-confident but you hide it
and poke fun at others trying to get it in first before you're sussed
You have secrets that torments you so you invade others privacy
looking for dirt just to seek refuge from your fears and pains
You are neither bright or smart and you know it too well
But pretending is your game as you point fingers away
calling others names and trying to bring them down
You are yellow belly cowards hiding in sick shame
on Twitter and social media you rant and troll
You are talent-less and cannot be the best
at anything but bullying and picking
We know you and your game
You are Mr and Ms Nobody
Never can be the Best
you don't have
the qualities
it takes
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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