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Apr 2013
In the depths of shadow and sin
Lay a hopeless young fowl~
Born into dalliance with darkness
An ephemeral beginning nonetheless,
But soon claimed for the one below~
How fetching such hardship!

Kindled hope had been jostled away,
The young fowl never noticed~
For how innocent it had been!
Innocent and oblivious.
How blind the bird was, to what could have been!
One can not miss something one never knew.

The glamour was short lived
And lead to depression
How melancholy, that fledgling
A heart shaped hole in its breast~
But hidden from unseeing eyes

Alas, one day a single teardrop
From god's halcyon manner
Caressed feathered cheek~
To the bird's empty breast,
And sprouted a rose, of all things!

Blooming blossom stretched
Phototropic love lilted from noir caves
Filling young robin's heart and soul
With hope and such peace!
Today, not tomorrow, was the beginning
Of the young bird's healing
The wing had been broken so long~
Such relief!
Mellifluous relief

In beautiful petrichor,
Young spawn took flight,
to face sunlight at last.
Today, April 5th, 2013, I wrote this poem. I wrote it after finally telling my parents that I was sexually molested when I was younger, after leaving everything bottled inside for so long. Today is a new beginning.
Written by
brea  Somewhere
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