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Dec 2019
lies, hatred, fake news, smears....
if this is labour in opposition
what on earth would they be like
in power.

it was Donald trump who popularized
the term "fake news"
but it is the labour party that has turned
misinformation and lies into an art form

ian austen  

Exremists that shore up Money Extortionists and Gangsters
that victimized an innocent blackman for standing up to Local area Criminals, and turned a hardworking decent law-abiding man
into a jobless, isolated, demonized outcast, for daring to tell crooks to go get a job and better themselves rather than burglarizing those that work.

In his 2018 speech to members at the Labour Party conference, he encouraged them to go online and attack journalists: “The free press has far too often meant the freedom to spread lies and half-truths, and to smear the powerless, not take on the powerful. You challenge their propaganda of privilege by using the mass media of the 21st century: social media”.

That could be why journalists are routinely booed at Labour press conferences and BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenss-berg needed security guards when she covered the party’s annual conference in 2017.

In an interview the same year, Corbyn even admitted to being a reader of The Canary, described by one left-wing writer as “running a sexist hate campaign against Laura Kuenssberg”.

Of the controversial site, Corbyn said: “I think it’s good that people go to all the alternative sites and check out what they want. I’ve read The Canary quite a bit.”

Corbyn was infamously a member of an extremist Facebook group, too, in which he defended a blatantly anti-Semitic mural depicting Jews as greedy bankers, while his staff were found to be members of several others.

The Facebook groups set up in his name reveal the ugly face of the hard Left that now controls Labour.

That’s why his faction of extremists can’t be allowed anywhere near No10.

If this is what they are like in opposition, can you imagine how bad they’d be in power?

Ian Austin is a former Labour MP and chair of Mainstream, the campaign against extremism.
No one uses fake news more effectively than Jeremy Corbyn and his friends on the hard Left of the Labour Party.
It is directed at Labour MPs as well as Conservative ministers. Anyone who does not demonstrate total loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn is attacked or vilified. If a member of a group is brave enough to query some of the more extreme language, they will quickly find themselves ejected.

Anyone who attacks Corbyn’s enemies, often in the most graphic terms, is rewarded by hundreds or thousands of Facebook “likes”.

Ugly and offensive language is celebrated and encouraged but anyone who stands up to it is either attacked or removed.

It is a form of mob rule that is no less frightening because it takes place online.

Defending Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s comments attacking Esther McVey after she defended benefit cuts, a member of Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us To VICTORY wrote: “John McDonnell does not need to apologise for anything — THIS F****** COW NEEDS LYNCHING!”

On Jeremy Corbyn Will Be Prime Minister, one follower wrote: “I am not anti-semitic but tell the Jews go and get f*****.”
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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