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Dec 2019
A strong emotion resonating within all of us,
Trembling, shaking, crying as a response to what we wish not to encounter, such distress eats away at the soul,
Crawling slowly, ghasly into ones mind till it posesses it completely,
Sometimes with no reason or trigger, brushing over you like a shiver,
Until showered in cold sweat and pale as the gentle light of the moon;
With such misfortune and pain we shall finally break,
This is the emotion knowing you better than yourself,
Wrapping itself gently around you till it caught you in its embrace,
And consumed your mind within it whole,
Such misery, for all with anxiety,
And yet it only calls forth despair,
Blinding you in your own agony,
Until nothing remains.

~ Umi
Written by
Umi  21/Agender/Germany
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