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Nov 2019
It was easy to lie
It was easy to tell off and die
Sorrows but happiness was the plate to dine on
Dine into the cold the world curved me to ever be
It was easy to tell off but lie not
It was easy to sad off and smile
Smile from the faces of death, a friend, so I embrace it
It wasn't easy to go down on my knees and pray
It was easy to throw my faith into the dungeons for the prey
Fight back my misfortunes that I lay
Succeed and call it luck.
It wasn't easy
To lack and **** at everything I touch,
To let off this feelings and get hard
Numb from the pain felt because this pain wasn't gain
To feel the loss now that I never thought It could be, me
To fill this trash can with pieces that each sentence never satisfied
Each word that flashed so fast not to contemplate the goodness of it
Rogue and write never brought peace
Smile and dine never filled the stomach
Hard and fcku never felt in the womb...
It was easy to say, it wasn't easy to feel
Waiting to surprise like a tick tock bomb
Pleasure to **** the smile in their faces
Surpass their innocence with guilt
Stumble on their hearts never to see the goodness of it....
The hard things we find easy to do, the smooth things we find hard to do, never understood how or it worked that way...
Benton 254
Written by
Benton 254  20/M/Kenya
     Fawn and BR Dragos
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