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Nov 2019
When hate gives oxygen to publicity
you surprisingly realize
that obscurity is the killer
for obscurity is bland, unworthy, pedestrian, not notable
just another one in ten, fifty, six hundred,
just a ***, actually *** is very appropriate
wild, uncouth, mindless bellicose nothing itching to rumble and vent
that's the place the asinine bully originates
so sit back and dissect the nonentities bullies

obscure, insignificant...defo not please with their lives
Defo not a fulfilling rewarding work leaves no time
to mess around looking for attention or validation
Immature, not well read or intelligent...OBVIOUSLY!. intelligence
at least real intelligence offers confidence, balance, self assurance
Talent-less and unexceptional...OBVIOUSLY...creative talented people find better and right outlets  than trolling or venting or hating
Most likely ugly with no  personality...YES!...most bullies are exactly that, the fat ugly ******* at checkouts, the long nosed hag at the store the weedy fellows, the unkempt, yeah, mostly they are not visually nice in appearance
No strength of Character...OBVIOUSLY, bullies are alway weak, insecure, inadequate cowards.
Confident secure people in a good place emotionally would never dream of bullying
Juvenile mentality, feral, unsociable, dorkish...that almost a staple for bullies, just some no mark simpleton looking for attention, they think it booster them amongst others

Imagine the thoughts of all these hapless nonentities
making one the target of their neurosis or sad happenstance
actually taking the time and making the effort to troll and do ****
Man..that's some serious ****, can make a lesser person big-headed
I don't even write Fan letters to Artists I appreciate
( I should really write and praise Stormzy for his Charitable work )
much less sit and bother some other human with hate and bullying
that to me is as low as you can get.
If you're good I try to learn from you not Hate!
Its really sad to be insignificant, no mark, pathetic drones
worst still, appears the only distractions to their pained obscurities
is Bullying...and look what bullies are, little wonder they talk of going in vicious circles.....
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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