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Nov 2019
Again in love did I fall for her......that sparkle I did see within those eyes ...the smile that captivated me...... it did it again .....just like remember when
Her beauty it is deep within .....not just on the outside.....for years it has kept me mystified
For it was in the dream I had about her last night......the stars were in full affect and Oh so bright
This woman is not just a past love but a part of me.......not only when I close my eyes it's when they open I can see
To be back in her world this is just not what I want for it is our destiny .....she might not be aware of this but it is how it supposed to be
For it was written in the stars along time ago......we must give it another chance to grow.
The memories come back from time to time.......and the tears fill my eyes and for this I must rhyme
My eyes look old and weary from all these love for her has been growing for years
I hope I find out soon what becomes of it all the bad things that have been said by people on the out side......there is no way it would ever change the tide
This woman that changed my life forever .......she is still in and to leave my mind she will never
If and when she does return......all the lessons she taught me she will learn.
#still must believe.
Written by
T  M
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