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Nov 2019
Coffee colored crayons next to creamy colored mugs
Coffee shop delights and simple demonic insights.
I inquire on them both:
How dare the simple innocence of a child sipping cocoa
Disrupt emotions vividly to lead into insanity..-
Eventually we all crack-don’t you see?
Cocoa turns to ash,
And child into druggie trash
Don’t you see? We all Crack; Crash; Smash and Bash-
Our sanity is fragile like glass
And it’s mallet is simply time.
Don’t you see?? It’s simply-
We all Crack; Crash; Burn.
The blood inside our hearts-
Now our veins,
Now our arms.
The blood inside our hearts moves until a force stops it.
Taking pill to mouth, finger to bottle, pill to mouth. Again. Again.
Stop it- The insight into the truth is getting harder and harder to swallow.
Now take a walk down the block of gravel and rock
The clock ticks down your time.
You aspire to be no more, I see-
Well, others aspire to see.
To speak.
To even breathe again.
Your freedom is hitting the end of it’s road;
Mallet of time cracks the clock-
You fall.
People mourn a death, the break in time.
But little do they hear their own TICK.
We ALL Crack; Crash and Burn.
-----------------------------------------------------------­---------------Another one!
Dedicated to Cat. I’ll find you again, friend. I promise.
Thank you.
Smothered Divine
Written by
Smothered Divine  19/F/Where minds go to dream
(19/F/Where minds go to dream)   
   pepper, --- and ---
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