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Oct 2019
Outside the rain it falls
Inside a voice it calls
The fog rolls off the water and into the streets
The radio playing some insane beats
My heart it pounds with passion
From the night of dreams
The music gets louder and drowns the screams
I start to wonder what does it all mean
As I travel to start my day
The understanding comes to me in every way
Because of things that happen in the night
All of the signs make it all right
Music is the only sound
But the thing is I hear it coming from all around
That same song that played the night before
It started getting louder as I walked out the door
All of a sudden as the fog it lifted
The sun was shining a dog was whining
The music it has stopped and so have I
Standing still in the middle of nowhere
The funny thing is that I didn't seem to care
All of a sudden I opened my eyes for it was oly a dream.
Written by
T  M
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