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Oct 10
Lucifer deemed God Almighty
can not have it all His way
why is His Kingdom open to all
why seek for all to come to Him
why say His is is the the Only truth and Way

that is not very democratic Lucifer decided
people must have choices and alternatives
people must be able to do as they please
what's the point if its all one way traffic
No way, he thought, I'm going to make hell

In conceit and devilish arrogance he disobeyed
I too can be as powerful as God he thought
I too can have a kingdom where we can do as we like
show God that we ain't second class citizens scraping before Him
this is Democracy let the numbers decide, majority wins
come join our club for life is short and we are more than them

To the Devil its a numbers game and he knows the ropes
give them all they want and let them sin as they like
money, ***, all manners of evil, go for it brothers and sisters
ain't no control freak here, ain't no boring Bible Bashers
ain't no restraint, ain't no fasting and praying and all that jazz
do as you ****** please, burn later, you're dead by then anyways

Its a numbers game and evil is hot and cool ain't it just
look at this game in town, see that just man out there
blameless, decent, God fearing, kind, loving and caring
now gather people of our democracy, see how we can **** him up
and he can't do a thing, see him alone without a single cheer
What is his God doing about it, what power has he got

See, the Devil is your friend who really delivers, simple as
that fool there could have a gang robbing and thieving an partying
could be bedding willing women and have mates to help in crisis
having a great time and doing it all in glorious democracy and joy
******, Stalin, Genghis, P. ***, West etc, see anyone mess with them
No, cause when you got democracy, you've got the numbers to do
as you like...simples, Olof !!
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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