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Oct 2019

These are our weapons and our defenses
Against the tyranny of sedentary stagnation

Are you willing to die
In order to come alive


Can you muster up meaning and intelligence
If you can then what is stopping you
From being the man or woman
You choose to see in the world

With a heart of gold
And a mind capable of subtle reflection
With smooth contours
And unalterable parameters
That original nature of mind
Right now can be ours

This earth is a perfect mirror
A mundane amphitheater
Or a sacred playhouse

You are about to find out
For any minute now
Here comes the sun
And I am already dancing

Life is running towards your open arms

With love’s promises
We will stand in a field of flowers and music
We will see strands of numbers
And garlands of figures
Tied in rhythms bound solely
To our inner visions
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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