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Oct 2019
Im so tired of living in pain-
I just want my head in the grave-
And pray to god im sent towards his heavenly ways-
With open arms to embrace-
And release the pain that i hate-
Cause im finished with living this way-
I made to many mistakes-
So i hope he forgives me today-
They say depression make you sicker each day-
I can see the symptoms within me eating away-
Now at a point in my life i cant turn back an change-
Mentally unstable to stay-
And i cant fix the trouble i made-
To be free of the burden i take-
I feel all alone in a world that is fake-
Why love got to hurt and treat me so great-
My mind over working the brain burning the breaks-
Dealing with hell when i let the creature escape-
And im just to tired to even relate-
got no spirit to give for what it takes-
With my feelings broken for to long-
Then i guess its just to late-
Written by
Emma Highlander
     Colm and saige
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