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Oct 2019
I miss those nights cuddling up to our favorite shows......eating peanut butter M&M's and you picking things up with your toes
I miss those Sunday drives to Home Depot and BreaKfast at IHOP and getting dinner at Stop & Shop
Laughing and joking with you while we listen to our favorite songs.......i miss putting my arms around you while we sleep just so I can feel you breathe.....I miss the love we had for each other and the smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes.......waking up each morning for work watching you sleep was more precious then the clear blue skies
At night when I close my eyes only for a minute and again I am holding you tight .......and in my dreams we will be together again .....I fear not to open my eyes .....because in my heart I know where our destiny lies.....but on this night my eyes I will keep them shut ...for in my dreams there is no end tonight my princess when you close your eyes remember forever and a day love to you I send.
And baby even though we have been apart I can still find your smell on my clothes and on my skin......and the love I have for you the fire it still burns within
You will always be in my heart and my soul..and be a part of me.......and to my heart you will always hold the key.
# I still and will always believe.
Written by
T  M
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