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Mar 2013
The sky is matching the blue of the sea,
This place is a treasure for me,
The lighthouse is sitting on a rocky island;
Near the shore with cool sand.

The sun is ready to sink in the sky,
Yet the Lighthouse remains sitting on it's island on high,
The blue waves are in motion;
In the sapphire ocean.

Oh, such beauty is seen here,
This place I hold very dear,
With the green moss growing on the island;
Which stands next to the shore of sand.

I love the sky of blue,
With it's pretty white clouds passing through,
This place is so pretty;
This place is lovely!

I love this place don't you see?
That I hold this place dear to me?
This place is so beautiful I could cry;
This place that I can only see in my mind's eye.

Written by
Marian  Faerieland and in my head
(Faerieland and in my head)   
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